Our Company

Daily General Counsel™ is a Massachusetts Professional Limited Liability Company.  It was founded by Jan Glassman in 2012 in order to help small businesses and startups who, out of choice or necessity, do not ordinarily seek the advice of a lawyer for their legal-related business problems. For 15 years, Jan had worked as in-house General Counsel to a management-consulting firm that served small businesses throughout the Unites States. She responded daily to legal questions concerning sales, operations, personnel, collections, lending and all other aspects of the business. She saw how big problems could be turned into small problems, or solved altogether, when addressed quickly and pragmatically by experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel.

Jan is a strong advocate for small businesses. Small businesses represent our dreams, shape and build our communities, and create the jobs that fuel our economy. Jan believes that a single day’s input from an experienced in-house counsel can reduce or eliminate a multitude of legal-related problems of small businesses, as it does for larger ones. Smaller companies often are overwhelmed with their own survival and, although they need top quality, in-house, General Counsel Services, they certainly do not need them on a full time basis. Since they typically cannot afford the costs of outside counsel, they handle these problems on their own, often making the problems worse.

Jan consulted with small business owners, community leaders, government officials, business leaders, lenders (including micro-lenders), bar association leaders, and others to develop a company that fills the void in providing legal services to the smallest of small businesses. At DailyGC™, we offer single-day, on-site, affordable General Counsel Services for small businesses and startups, providing a full day of legal services and strategic legal counsel to owners and key managers.   We advise and empower our clients on the use of legal tools for resolving their business problems. We take a genuine interest in our clients, understand our clients’ unique cultures, circumstances and objectives, and craft pragmatic, speedy and cost-effective solutions. Our work is performed only by seasoned professionals who have a demonstrated record of professionalism and personal integrity as in-house counsel and who are committed to the highest levels of excellence and service.

The mailing address of the company is:  Daily General Counsel, PLLC, 12 Stedman Street, Unit 1, Brookline, MA  02446.


SBANEDaily General Counsel™ is a member of
Smaller Business Association of New England (SBANE)

At DailyGC, we provide legal advice and counsel on the full range of legal problems and legal-related business issues that small businesses and startups routinely face in their management, sales, operations and administration. The following are examples of these kinds of problems. You may use these descriptions on your Priority Issues Identifier Form� or you may write your own descriptions.
Business Contracts and Relations:
� Customer Contracts and Disputes
� Vendor Contracts and Disputes
� Collections
� Bank/Lender Relations and Issues
� Landlord/Tenant Relations and Issues
� Bonding/Insurance
� Nondisclosure and Confidentiality Agreements
� Procurement and Management of Outside Counsel
� Recruiting/Hiring Practices
� Employment Agreements
� Employee Compensation and Benefits
� Employee Manuals, Policies and Procedures
� Compliance with Government-Required Benefits Programs
� Payroll Compliance with Court Orders
� Discrimination and Harassment Claims
� Management and Discipline of Problem Employees
� Terminations
� Unemployment Insurance Claims
� COBRA Procedures
� Hiring Independent Contractors
Dispute Resolution:
� Case Analysis and Assessment
� Mediation/Arbitration
� Strategies for Litigation, Discovery and Negotiation
� Settlement Analysis
General Corporate:
� Entity formation
� Corporate Governance and Record-Keeping
� Shareholder Relations
� Compliance with Governmental Regulations
� Compliance with Corporate Contractual Obligations
� Contract Review, Analysis and Negotiation Coaching