Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Daily General Legal Counsel for Small Businesses in MassachusettsThese FAQs are intended to provide you with additional information about, and a better understanding of, Daily General Counsel™, what we can do for your small business and how we operate.  If you have questions that we have not addressed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How much does it cost to use DailyGC™?
  • We charge a flat rate of $1,500 per day. Our rate includes travel, legal research, parking, postage, etc. Our rate does not include any filing fees that we pay on your behalf. We do not offer half-day, quarter-day or hourly rates, except for follow-up consultations on matters that were discussed during your DailyGC™ day. For more information on our payment terms, click hereIf you truly cannot afford to pay our affordable daily rate, click here.
How can DailyGC™ offer so much legal service at such an affordable rate?
  • First, we are seasoned lawyers who have been successful in our prior ventures, and our goal is to work principally with small businesses and startups who generally cannot afford experienced, business lawyers. Our price-point is intended to be both attractive and within reach for small companies who have legal-related business problems but who otherwise would choose to “go it alone.” Second, because we come to your place of business, we have lower overhead. Our work is One Day and Done™ and, except for follow-up consultation that is performed by phone or video-chat, all legal services are provided at your place of business while we are there. Third, in order to further reduce our overhead, we have no accounts receivable. You must pay one-half of our fee when you book your day and the remainder is paid when we arrive at your place of business. Follow-up work similarly is booked on-line and is paid at the time of booking.
Who should hire DailyGC™?
  • Any small business that has one or more legal-related problems but cannot afford or chooses not to pay the high hourly rates or retainers of experienced business lawyers to resolve them. For most small businesses, consulting a lawyer is a remedy of last resort. As a small businesses owner, you are overwhelmed with current operations, sales and survival. When a problem arises, you try to avoid it, and when you no longer can avoid it, you try to solve it yourself, without a lawyer. It is only after the problem has gotten bigger and more pressing that you may finally consult with a lawyer, by which time the problem often is much more costly to solve.
    Many larger companies rely heavily on experienced business lawyers on staff or on retainer to guide them in resolving routine business issues. But, you do not have or need a full time lawyer, and you cannot afford to pay an experienced law firm lawyer to resolve everyday problems. Or, perhaps you previously fell into the “black hole” of legal fees, where the cost of hiring a lawyer to do something ended up being much greater than you originally thought, and you are afraid that you will fall there again. Or, possibly the value of your business problem does not warrant the efforts of a pricey lawyer, and you think you must go it alone.
    Does this describe you? If so, DailyGC™ is your answer. We are committed to helping small companies by applying our knowledge as In-house counsel to the sales, operations, administration, management and other issues that all businesses regularly address. With DailyGC™, the cost is affordable, definite and limited; there are no surprises.
When should I first hire DailyGC™?
  • That depends upon your experience as a small business owner and the nature of the problem(s) that you have. You need to focus your time and attention on operations, sales and survival. If you are new to the business world, then you may want to hire us as soon as you have put together your business to discuss such things as your business structure, hiring and paying employees, developing customer contracts, negotiating a lease or loan, or preparing for investors or joint venture partners. Similarly, you may want to hire us as soon as you have revenue or are having problems collecting money that is owed to you. On the other hand, even if you are experienced in business, you know that vendor disputes, customer disputes, personnel problems, banking issues, landlord issues and the like do not go away, they distract you from your business, and they get worse with time. You should hire us as soon as those problems rear their ugly heads.
What realistically can be accomplished in a day with a lawyer?
  • A lot more than you may think. We can: Negotiate and resolve litigation, potential litigation, customer problems, vendor problems and personnel problems; Show you how to effectively discipline employees and terminate employees; Help you to prepare for intensive negotiations with lenders, landlords and potential adversaries; Work with you to draft enforceable customer contracts that enhance your rights of collection and to help your accounting departments to develop effective collection practices and procedures; Write and negotiate construction contracts and purchase order forms; Discuss with you the optimum form and structure of your new businesses and then create it (LLCs, partnerships and corporations); Help you to develop effective and compliant personnel policies and employee manuals; Conduct discrimination and harassment investigations in response to complaints, and lead discrimination and harassment seminars for your employees; Help your new company by ensuring that it is in compliance with all standard legal requirements in anticipation of your seeking a loan or an investment; Draft responses to lawyer letters and strategize your follow-up negotiations; Negotiate directly with adverse attorneys and try to resolve contentious problems; Help you wade through your insurance policies in order to submit and pursue covered claims; And so much more… click here.
What actually happens on the DailyGC™ Day?
  • After you hire us, you will receive an email asking you to complete our Priority Issues Identifier Form™, to describe and prioritize the items you wish to address during your day of General Counsel Services. On your DailyGC™ Day, our lawyer will arrive at your office by 8:30 a.m. We begin with a review of your Priority Issues, including our general assessment of what realistically can be accomplished over the course of the day. Our goals are, first, to help you to analyze and resolve your most demanding problems, and second, to address other legal-related business problems that are less imminent or even preventative. This assessment will be repeated at least once every three hours during the course of the day, allowing you to control how our time is spent with you, with an opportunity to re-prioritize the issues or elect to determine to spend more time on one matter at the expense of not reaching others. We will attack the first priority issue, gathering additional information as needed and working with you to determine a course of action for resolving the problem. Once we reach an end point to that issue, we will move on to the next issue. This continues until all issues have been covered or 5:00 p.m., whichever comes first, at which point the lawyer’s workday ends. Within one week after providing you with General Counsel Services, we will send you a Confidential Summary Report, describing briefly the issues that were discussed, the advice provided, and any remaining actions that need to be taken by you.
Do I have to be physically present with my DailyGC™ lawyer for the entire 8 hours?
  • In the same room, no. There typically will be periods when your lawyer will be reviewing documents and papers, reviewing cases, statutes or regulations, or preparing documents or correspondence at your request. During those times, you may have time to answer emails or make phone calls. In addition, there may be other periods during a DailyGC™ Day when your lawyer will be meeting with other people in your company to gather information or to resolve a departmental problem.
What if we finish before the end of a full day?
  • It is extremely rare for our lawyers to complete our analysis and examination of all of your Priority Issues before the end of a full day. In fact, more commonly, during the course of a day we will explore pressing or critical matters that are directly related to but were not included on your Priority Issues Identifier Form™, easily filling the days’ time. However, in those rare circumstances where we complete your Priority Issues, you are free to raise other questions, issues and problems relating to your business.
Can there be follow-up with my DailyGC lawyer after my DailyGC™ day?
  • Yes. Occasionally, some of our clients request follow-up time with their DailyGC™ lawyer with regard to matters that were discussed during a DailyGC™ Day. Perhaps subsequent negotiations took an unexpected turn or you have some follow-up questions that you did not think about when our lawyer was with you. You simply email your DailyGC™ lawyer to schedule a time to talk by video-chat or phone, specifying the amount of time you want and when you would like to talk. The lawyer will confirm his or her availability and will make that time available to you on his or her on-line calendar. You will book the time and pay for it like you did when you first booked your DailyGC™ lawyer, and the lawyer will contact you at the agreed date and time. Our charges for follow-up consultations are $250 for an hour, $150 for a half-hour and $75 for a quarter hour.
What if a full day is not enough time to reach all of my Priority Issues?
  • This is rare but it occasionally does happen. In these circumstances, you will need to book another DailyGC™ Day. We recommend that, if the matter is not pressing, you wait until you have other matters to discuss, as well, in order to make your expenditure as cost-effective and productive for you as possible.
What is a General Counsel?
  • Lawyers who work full time for a company are called “House Counsel” or “In-house Counsel.” General Counsel is the title given to the lawyer who heads the legal department of the company. He or she may have a staff of lawyers or may be the sole lawyer in the company. The owners of DailyGC™ formerly worked as General Counsel for their previous employers. All of the lawyers at DailyGC™ have substantial full-time experience as In-house Counsel for a business.
How is a General Counsel different from a lawyer at a law firm?
  • Lawyers at law firms generally take on “matters.” Most of these matters take many hours of work, often extending over weeks, months or years, and are billed at an hourly rate that reflects the experience, expertise and specialization of the lawyer. Representation by a lawyer typically includes comprehensive and independent investigation of all applicable facts, accompanied by detailed legal research. When a company needs outside counsel to resolve a business matter, it usually means that there is a substantial problem that will be costly and time-consuming to resolve. In-house lawyers, on the other hand, typically see numerous issues every day that concern the full breadth of business; problems concerning vendors, clients, employees, creditors, landlords, banks, insurance, contracts, shareholders, compliance and more. In-house lawyers are accustomed to getting directly to the heart of problems quickly and trying to resolve them equally quickly. We rely on our client’s explanation of relevant facts and our broad-based knowledge of business law. We share the owner’s interest in achieving a speedy resolution to business problems without extensive legal research or detailed legal analysis. We are trained to take a non-interventionist approach, letting the business managers and executives resolve their business problems without lawyers, guided by legal advice that gives them a strategic advantage in every negotiating or confrontational situation. At DailyGC™, we will provide you with the answers and strategies for your legal-related business problems that you do not want to send to outside counsel. In order to help you get quick solutions at an affordable price, we will work exclusively from the information and documents that you provide to us, with little or no additional investigation and research. Our unique approach of “One Day and Done”™ means that we aim to provide you in one day with a comprehensive strategy for resolving your most pressing issues and problems, before we leave your office.
What is Legal Triage?
  • Legal Triage is the process of identifying your most pressing legal problems, establishing priorities for addressing them, analyzing the nature and intensity of the problems, and providing you with choices for solving them. Our goals are, first, to help you analyze and resolve your most demanding problems, and second, to address other business problems that are less imminent or even preventative.
Why can’t I schedule a DailyGC™ Day in less than 3 business days?
  • We require 3 days’ lead-time so that you will have ample time to complete and return to us our required paperwork and so that we will have time to review the documents that you submit to us.  Before you hire your DailyGC™ lawyer, you will be asked to read and agree to our Client Fee Agreement.  However, the rules governing lawyers require us to have a signed Client Fee Agreement from you.  In addition, after you hire us, you will be asked to complete our Priority Issues Identifier Form™, which includes both your description of the issues or problems that you would like us to address on your DailyGC™ Day and the identification of companies or individuals who are or may be opposing you on these issues.  Once we receive this information from you, we will review it to make sure that your issues are within the range of services that we offer and that we do not have a conflict of interest in representing you.  If your matter is extremely urgent and you require our General Counsel Services prior to the 3-day lead-time provided in our booking calendar, please contact us immediately to see if we can accommodate your request.
What if my company cannot afford to pay $1,500 for a day of General Counsel Services?
  • We are deeply committed to providing General Counsel Services for small businesses and startups, and we understand that even our affordable pricing sometimes can be more costly than some very small, new, or struggling businesses can afford to pay.  If you truly cannot afford to pay our regular rate, there may be governmental or private resources available to assist you in paying our fee.  Please contact us for more information about this.
Does my small business need to be in Massachusetts in order to schedule a DailyGC™ Day?
  • Currently, yes. We are based in the Boston area and our lawyers are licensed to practice in Massachusetts. On-line booking is available for businesses that are within one hour of Boston. If your business is located outside of this area but is within Massachusetts, just call us or send us an email to schedule your DailyGC™ Day. We will be expanding soon to provide General Counsel Services outside of Massachusetts.
What is the mailing address of Daily General Counsel, PLLC?
  • 12 Stedman Street, Unit 1, Brookline, MA 02446
Do you have additional questions or concerns? Please contact us. Or, if you are ready to tackle your business-related legal problems, Hire Us Now!


At DailyGC, we provide legal advice and counsel on the full range of legal problems and legal-related business issues that small businesses and startups routinely face in their management, sales, operations and administration. The following are examples of these kinds of problems. You may use these descriptions on your Priority Issues Identifier Form� or you may write your own descriptions.
Business Contracts and Relations:
� Customer Contracts and Disputes
� Vendor Contracts and Disputes
� Collections
� Bank/Lender Relations and Issues
� Landlord/Tenant Relations and Issues
� Bonding/Insurance
� Nondisclosure and Confidentiality Agreements
� Procurement and Management of Outside Counsel
� Recruiting/Hiring Practices
� Employment Agreements
� Employee Compensation and Benefits
� Employee Manuals, Policies and Procedures
� Compliance with Government-Required Benefits Programs
� Payroll Compliance with Court Orders
� Discrimination and Harassment Claims
� Management and Discipline of Problem Employees
� Terminations
� Unemployment Insurance Claims
� COBRA Procedures
� Hiring Independent Contractors
Dispute Resolution:
� Case Analysis and Assessment
� Mediation/Arbitration
� Strategies for Litigation, Discovery and Negotiation
� Settlement Analysis
General Corporate:
� Entity formation
� Corporate Governance and Record-Keeping
� Shareholder Relations
� Compliance with Governmental Regulations
� Compliance with Corporate Contractual Obligations
� Contract Review, Analysis and Negotiation Coaching