Testimonials for DailyGC in Massachusetts
The lawyers at DailyGC™ are highly experienced professionals with backgrounds as in-house counsel for businesses.  You may not know us personally, and you may not have heard of us, which might give you pause to wonder what you are buying when you hire us.  We believe that an accurate evaluation of an attorney’s skills, reliability, competence, judgment and character may be measured by what others have to say about him or her.  We are deeply grateful to our clients and colleagues who have provided us with the following references and testimonials.
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Susan Labandibar, Testimonial for DailyGC™
Susan Labandibar
Tech Networks of Boston

Tomasz Wawrzyniak, Testimonial for DailyGC™
Dr.Tomasz Wawrzyniak,
Manager, The Therapy Room Associates, LLC

Paul J. Cormier, Testimonial for DailyGC™
Paul J. Cormier,
Treasurer, Diamond T Manufacturing, INC

Aaron Albert, Testimonial for DailyGC™
Aaron M. Albert,
President of
Harodite Industries, Inc.

Jacqueline Rose Dube, Testimonial for DailyGC™
Jacqueline Rose Dube,
Owner, Jacqueline Jase Face & Body Center, LLC

Adam Korngold
Adam Korngold,
Owner, Waves Car Wash

Jamie Winter, Testimonial for DailyGC™
Jamie M. Winter,
Owner, Winter Public Relations

Jill Frankfurt,
Co-founder of Persistence Plus

Jodi Solomon,
Jodi F. Solomon Speakers Bureau

Devra Kiel Simon,
Executive Director of Discovering What’s Next®

Itta Barber

Gershon Gewirtz, Testimonial for DailyGC™
Gershon C. Gewirtz,
Rabbi, Young Israel of Brookline

William Crawford, Testimonial for DailyGC™
William G. Crawford,
President, Environmental Interiors, Inc.

Stacey Archer Bennett, Testimonial for DailyGC™
Stacey Archer Bennett, MSA

Meghan Kane, Testimonial for DailyGC™
Meghan P. Kane, Esq.

William Krein, Testimonial for DailyGC™
William Krein,
President of Credo, LLC

Gary Greenberg, Testimonial for DailyGC™
Gary R. Greenberg,
Greenberg Traurig, LLP

Scott Rosenberg, Testimonial for DailyGC™
Scott E. Rosenberg
Rabbi, Har Zion Temple

Phillip Brown, Testimonial for DailyGC™
Philip Y. Brown,
Adler Pollock & Sheehan P.C.

Marie Mercier, Testimonial for DailyGC™
Marie Mercier,
Kotin, Crabtree & Strong, LLP

James Smith, Testimonial for DailyGC™
James E. Smith,
Partner at Smith, Segel & Ruddock Attorneys at Law

Louis M. Mosca,
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer,
American Management Services, Inc.

Attorney Nancy S. Palmer


At DailyGC, we provide legal advice and counsel on the full range of legal problems and legal-related business issues that small businesses and startups routinely face in their management, sales, operations and administration. The following are examples of these kinds of problems. You may use these descriptions on your Priority Issues Identifier Form� or you may write your own descriptions.
Business Contracts and Relations:
� Customer Contracts and Disputes
� Vendor Contracts and Disputes
� Collections
� Bank/Lender Relations and Issues
� Landlord/Tenant Relations and Issues
� Bonding/Insurance
� Nondisclosure and Confidentiality Agreements
� Procurement and Management of Outside Counsel
� Recruiting/Hiring Practices
� Employment Agreements
� Employee Compensation and Benefits
� Employee Manuals, Policies and Procedures
� Compliance with Government-Required Benefits Programs
� Payroll Compliance with Court Orders
� Discrimination and Harassment Claims
� Management and Discipline of Problem Employees
� Terminations
� Unemployment Insurance Claims
� COBRA Procedures
� Hiring Independent Contractors
Dispute Resolution:
� Case Analysis and Assessment
� Mediation/Arbitration
� Strategies for Litigation, Discovery and Negotiation
� Settlement Analysis
General Corporate:
� Entity formation
� Corporate Governance and Record-Keeping
� Shareholder Relations
� Compliance with Governmental Regulations
� Compliance with Corporate Contractual Obligations
� Contract Review, Analysis and Negotiation Coaching